“Celebrating Success”

Values and Ethos

Cicely Haughton School has an ethos of learning and caring, highly skilled staff provide positive opportunities for students whose previous experience of education has often been difficult. Visitors to the school often comment on the warm, positive and welcoming atmosphere.

Our Mission Statement and Vision is:

  • Building Relationships
  • Celebrating Success
  • Promoting Change


What makes us a Special School

Below is a short description of what makes Cicely Haughton a special school. For more detailed information, please see our SEND report to governors.


Cicely Haughton is a special school for children aged 4-11 years offering day and residential provision for pupils with social, emotional and mental health difficulties; with additional needs in areas of communication, interaction, cognition and learning. We form part of the Manor Hall Academy Trust with our partner Primary School, Cicely Haughton.

Our Aims

Our school aims incorporate celebrating success, delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, keeping pupils safe to make positive progress and nurturing emotional development.

  1. To celebrate success.
  2. To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum.
  3. To nurture emotional development.
  4. To keep pupils safe and secure to enable positive progress.
  5. To build relationships by engaging pupils in learning that excites, develops and challenges

How we work

  1. Promote and value close links with parents/carers and families.
  2. Teach in small classes (7), in stable groups with at least 2 staff.
  3. Provide a whole range of extra-curricular activities to enable students to achieve.
  4. Have flexibility in outlook and curriculum.
  5. Provide a nurturing and caring environment - making time to listen to children.
  6. Provide opportunities to access residential education to support emotional development, social interaction and life skills.
  7. Have all staff trained in physical interventions to support pupils who have difficulties in managing their behaviour in terms of harming themselves, others and serious damage to property.
  8. Have extensive rewards and recognition systems to celebrate success.
  9. Track behaviours to inform interventions and support for progress, and support transitions to mainstream schools where appropriate.
  10. Have high staff supervision at all times.
  11. Encourage students to self-regulate their behaviour and provide space and time for them to do so.
  12. Support individual pupils and schools via our Outreach service.

How we work is underpinned by our Mission Statement; 
Building Relationships - Celebrating Success - Promoting Change.

Admission Process

(Please refer to our Admissions Policy for more detail).

  • Admissions to the School are primarily managed by the Local Authority.
  • Parental visits and tours of the school are welcomed.