“Celebrating Success”

About Cicely Haughton

The school forms the primary part (KS1/2) of an all age Partnership of special schools; with secondary partner Loxley Hall School. The Partnership meets the needs of pupils with educational, health and care plans for Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties and admissions to the Partnership are managed by the Local Authority's Assessment and Planning Team. The Partnership has one Local Academy Board who report to the Directors of The Manor Hall Academy Trust, the Trust which was originally founded by the Loxley Hall and Cicely Haughton Partnership and now consists of six special schools in Staffordshire.

Cicely Haughton School provides 56 planned places for girls and boys 4-11 years old, offering 33 residential beds, over four nights a week.

The school is set in magnificent grounds, providing opportunities for safe and secure educational, recreational and sporting activities.

Ambitious school improvement has seen the development of our curriculum in line with the needs of our pupils. Such an enriched curriculum includes a Nurture class, Learning Support Unit and 8 bespoke classes that are tailored to the needs of our pupils. These diverse opportunities are underpinned by Dyslexia friendly status and practices.

The residential provision replicates, as closely as possible, family living, in Wedgwood and Coalport, our houserooms that are situated on our first floor. Students who require additional support in their social and emotional development, can access residential education, for up to two evenings a week. This process is managed by a school admissions panel and monitored and quality assured by the Local Authority.

Our philosophy at Cicely Haughton is simple - that by building relationships with young people - enabling them to experience success and gain confidence - leads to positive changes in learning and behaviour.