Mr Dreher



In response to the COVID Pandemic we continue to deliver a 'Recovery Curriculum', that is responsive to the needs of the children and focuses on the following areas:

  • Positive well-being to improved positive physical and mental health.
  • Independence to improve self-regulation and independence.
  • A Bright Future to develop life skills enabling the children to access the world around them and be responsible members of the school and wider community.

In English your child will learn to change the way they speak and write to suit different situations, purposes and audiences; read a range of texts and respond to different layers and meaning in them; explore the use of language in texts and learn how language works. There is a specific focus on Reading and Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling this half-term. **PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD READ AT HOME AND SHARE A BOOK WITH THEM DAILY FOR 15 MINUTES USING BUG CLUB**

In Maths your child will learn to improve your child’s understanding of number; addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; measurement; fractions; geometry and statistics. **PLEASE HELP YOUR CHILD TO LEARN THEIR TIMES TABLES AT HOME DAILY FOR 15 MINUTES USING HIT THE BUTTON ONLINE MATHS GAME**

In Nurture and Physical Activity your returning child will re-establish friendships/positive relationships with other children and staff, as it is essential to overcome and provide support dealing with the ‘loss’ and ‘anxiety’ they may have felt during their time away from school.  It is also essential to develop positive relationships with children who are new to the school and encouraging friendships to develop and be created in the classroom. The activities, include construction, art/craft. Nature walks, gardening, bush craft, woodland management, cooking, Joe Wickes, yoga, fitness room sessions, etc. Please send in spare clothes, including socks and underwear and footwear daily.

In Science our topic is Space, when we will be learning about our Solar System.

In PSHE our topic is Living in the Wider World, when we will learn about protecting the environment, having compassion towards others; how information online is targeted, different media types and their role and impact; identifying job interests and aspirations, what influences career choices and workplace stereotypes.

In Computing our topic is Spreadsheets.

If you have any queries or concerns about any aspect of your child's learning, please do not hesitate to contact me on Class Dojo, or at school on (01782) 550202. 

Many thanks

 Mr. Dreher  smiley