Mr Bowyer


Dear Year 3/4 parents/carers,


I hope you feel that your child has settled well into their new class and has enjoyed their first week.  I extend a warm welcome to you all as parents/carers and have detailed a few pieces of information below which I hope you find useful.


I will be your child’s main teacher taking full responsibility for the teaching, planning and curriculum delivery. I will be assisted within the Classroom by Mr Cordon.


The topics for this term are as follows:


Maths: Number and Place value. Mental calculations. Addition and subtraction - formal written methods. Geometry - properties of shape Multiplication and division


Science: Healthy and Movement.


Topic: Castles.


The children will have specific subject teachers for English, D.T and Music.

Alongside the curriculum there will be a number of different opportunities for your child to partake in and you will be informed of these as they arise.


P.E. takes place on a Tuesday and Thursday. For these activities the school will provide the appropriate kit.

There are times during the year when a change of clothing will be required, you will be informed of these when they arise.


There are always lots of things happening in school so keep a close eye on the school website for dates and details of achievement assemblies etc.


We are always very keen to give your children opportunities outside of school and with this in mind it is school policy to ask for a weekly £1 donation which goes towards the cost of outside experiences this can be paid through the ‘Parent Pay’ scheme.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or through the use of the daily journal if you have any questions, worries or concerns. An open communication both ways is essential in maintaining a positive relationship. I hope your child enjoys their time in our class and has a happy and successful year.



Yours sincerely,



Mr Bowyer