“Celebrating Success”

Mr Cooper

Winter half term wellbeing and emotional development programme.



Dear Parents and Carers.

  This term we have visited Hanley Park, Dilhorne Park, Coombes Valley and Tittesworth Park as part of our nurture programme. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their time there and benefitted from the experience promoting their wellbeing and emotional development.

  This coming term we have planned to go to several new exciting locations where we will continue to promote their emotional wellbeing.

  Our topic this half term is the Ancient Egyptians. To further strengthen their knowledge in this subject we hope to visit Macclesfield Museum. Their education department will run workshops to engage the children through the use of artefacts, hands on activities and Egyptian clothing.

 Finally, as a whole school we are having an “Active Day” as part of our ”Change for life” plan. We will be both promoting and preparing healthy meals; linking our lessons to physical exercises, activities and generally promoting healthy options in life.